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Since its inception, we have mastered many project challenges with great success. Our vision is to create a living space that you can move into within a few days, the so-called turnkey system. The facilities are built of the highest quality materials, which gives a special atmosphere of living in them. We design and implement projects of various types. It is up to you just to imagine, and we will, according to your needs and wishes, produce and install personalized for you in an express period: Residential buildings - modern and safe, made to measure in accordance with CE and ISO standards. We are especially proud to be able to offer you the "smart house" system, which offers the most modern technical solutions for a peaceful sleep, because to feel safe means to be free. Cottages and weekend resorts

- you have a plot in an ideal place in nature, but the classic construction is too expensive, uncertain and takes too long? Archimod modular buildings are the right solution for you, because in a short period of time we will create for you a building on the shores of the sea, lakes, mountains, villages that you can move into in just a few days after its construction. Bungalows - for your tourist complex Collective accommodation - of all kinds, from kindergartens, nursing homes, collective centers ... Schools and educational centers Shops and mini shopping malls Office space - modern prefabricated offices in accordance with CE and ISO standards Restaurants, cafes and bars - in a short time your restaurant, cafe, pub or bar can sprout in the desired location - by the sea, river, lake ... And it can have its own beautiful, lighted porch and tall windows - it's up to you imagine



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Depending on the location and your personal style we can offer you a few different packages of equipment.

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