Arhimod modular housing - a new construction trend in Serbia

You are looking for an affordable house, but the price is high for a square meter?
You are searching for quality new construction, but you don't know who a reliable investor is.
Maybe you want to move into your new home, but the move-in deadline is delayed.

We present Arhimod modular constructions - an intelligent investment in a cost-effective, energy-efficient, safe, high-quality, mobile, and modern house.

What is our job?

We build modular houses for living and enjoyment, as well as cottages, rafts, playrooms, restaurants, cafes, hotels, mini shopping centers, tourist complexes, and other commercial and multipurpose facilities that will satisfy the needs and interests of our customers.

About us

Arhimod proizvodni pogon

Affordable and habitable house in just TWO weeks

Unlike the traditional brick house, where the price per square meter has increased drastically, modular construction costs are much more favorable, and the quality is guaranteed. From idea to realization and moving in, it takes only two weeks according to the turnkey system, depending on the level and quality of the equipment.

Building a modular house does not depend on external factors. Because of this we give buyers a guarantee that we will finish the house in compliance with all deadlines. It only takes two weeks from idea to realization and moving in.

Residential facilities

Energy-efficient, economical, and safe house

The quality of modular construction is guaranteed because we build them by CE and ISO - the world's highest construction standards, using the highest quality materials.

Our modular house is modern, long-lasting, energy-efficient, and, most importantly, highly safe construction. According to the earthquake resistance test, our modular buildings exceed 9 Richter, which confirms that they are impossible to collapse.

Due to their energy efficiency, Arhimod modular constructions are suitable for national parks, nature reserves, and living in nature.

Commercial facilities

modularni objekat arhimod

I built a sports center in Subotica with five houses. One of them is the Arhimod modular house of 42 m2. I can only say that I am delighted with the cooperation because they respected and did everything we agreed on time. I am satisfied with the price and quality, and I would especially emphasize the attitude of the people in the Arhimod company, from those who installed the house to Milomir, who tried his best to satisfy all my wishes and needs. Everyone visiting this house is delighted, so my investment has paid off multiple times.

Dragan Marković

modular house within the Sports Center in Subotica

I searched for prefabricated houses and log cabins for a long time. Ultimately, I decided to buy a modular home from Arhimod, because it is the newest thing on our market. These houses are ecologically efficient, reduce heating and cooling costs, and, what is essential, do not affect the environment. I made detailed inquiries and studied the modular house from floor to ceiling, which I am delighted with, and this investment turned out to be perfect. The house has 50 m2 plus an extra construction of 10 square meters.

Branko Kresojević

modular house in Becmen Komenta

Two years ago, I started looking for a company to build me a raft on Lake Perucac. I looked at many options and accidentally came across the company Arhimod. I visited and saw that it was not a raft but a house on the water. I decided to take a house that I could later transfer to the foundation and thus get home on land. The people at Arhimod designed a modular house for me due to the limitations of the pontoon, giving me everything I needed. I am delighted with how everything turned out, and after two years, I can say that I made the right choice by choosing a modular house, which at that time was a total unknown for Serbia.

Miljan Simić

raft on Lake Perucac

I was looking for a beautiful and functional house. When I met Milomir, he left a good impression as someone who knows how to build quality houses. He explained everything nicely, what the price was, and everything said was fulfilled. Today I live in that house, with a beautiful view of the nature of Kosmaj. Compared with classic construction, this is faster, and you get a quality house. I am more than satisfied and would recommend it to everyone.


house in Kosmaj

I decided on Arhimod after I saw that everything was with taste - colors and materials, which means a lot to me. For me, it's essential to get a finished product, not have to look for artisans and contractors, and thus save my time and save my nervous system. Also, the construction of the house allows me not to spend a lot of electricity on heating and cooling and to have enough light in the room. Additionally, I like the ability to move my house to another location if I want to in the future


from Russia

Arhimod finished my house while I was on a sea vacation. We arranged everything before the trip, and while I was out of the country, they set everything up, so everything was done when I was back. I decided to cooperate because they were transparent - I immediately knew the price and all the options. Communication was accessible and to the point. I bought a house from Arhimod when I saw all the materials in the sales office, from the door to the floor, while the others offered me the book.


witch house was finished during one vacation
arhimod objekat u prirodi

Move and expand your house whenever you want

Unlike prefabricated houses, modular constructions have the possibility of mobility. The Arhimod modular object can be moved to the desired location whenever our customers want within a few days.

We can expand an already built modular house without the risk of damage and disruption of the existing design. If our customers want to change the purpose of their modular home, expand it or change the layout, we are here to fulfill their wishes.

Please take a look at our multipurpose commercial objects with larger capacities.

Multipurpose facilities

The level of interior and exterior equipment according to your needs

If you are unsure how you want your house to look or don't know how to furnish it without damaging its beauty and comfort, all you have to do is imagine it, and our team of experts will realize your ideas.

To make the material selection process as easy as possible please fulfill our online configurator.

We have configured a table where you can choose the quality level of equipment and materials of the desired Arhimod modular object.

Please send us a selection of the desired material, and we will provide you with an informative offer.

Online configurator

enterijer arhimod objekta