Modular Vs. Prefab: What's The Difference?

Everyone who has bought or is buying a house has heard of the term “prefab house.” Lately, a new type of modern modular construction called “modular house” is known and recognized in Serbia. What is the difference between these two types of construction, and what are the benefits of modular and prefabricated houses you will find out in this text. This blog can help you while deciding on which structure to choose.

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Are modular homes safe?

In Serbia, brick houses are considered safe. The reason for this opinion is the habit of many people to solid, traditional construction, which implies that they will inherit the house through generations. Stone, brick, and concrete associations are that a home built this way will provide maximum security. On the other hand, the thought of living in a prefabricated or modular house does not offer such a feeling because they seem fragile. However, is it so?

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City life or Village life - what do young people rather choose?

The heat in the summer months, the lack of air-conditioned public transport, daily traffic jams and the greater possibility of working from home have influenced more and more young people to move their daily duties from the city to the countryside. What are the benefits and disadvantages of living in the country? What does the city offer? Find out the prices of square meters in village and city, and how to decide where you will live.

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Energy-Efficient house - what are the benefits for the buyers?

Often, energy efficiency is misinterpreted as energy saving, which automatically means a reduction in the quality of life. The goal of an energy-efficient house is not to give up anything but to use energy rationally. An additional advantage is that such homes do not pollute the environment. In this blog, find out what an energy-efficient house is and how much such houses cost.

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Modular build homes Vs. Traditional brick buildings - which is better?

Brick or modular house - which is more profitable and a better solution? Opinions are divided between fans of traditional construction and those who gladly accept innovative, fast, affordable, and high-quality solutions such as a modular buildings. If we compare these two types of construction, we can see significant differences that will help you when making the final decision to buy your home.

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Is it wise to invest in a cottage?

In the Republican Geodetic Institute annual report, more than 200 cottages were sold last year. Prices ranged from 1,200 euros to 600,000 euros, for which the most expensive cottage on Kopaonik was sold. The cottages are more popular, as shown by the demand growth. Economic experts estimate their prices will increase, especially in the summer.

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7 reasons why you should buy a modular house

A favorable price, a short construction period, and energy efficiency are some of the reasons why it is wise to invest in a modular house. This type of construction is conquering the world, and Serbia is not lagging behind the world and development in this construction field. An increasing number of people are interested in buying a modular home. If you have second thoughts, in this blog, we highlight seven reasons why you should invest.

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Modularne kuće osvajaju srpsko tržište. Rekordna prodaja - u dva dana kupljeno više od 20 kuća

Veliko interesovanje kupaca za modularne kuće dokazuje da ovaj vid gradnje polako i sigurno osvaja srpsko tržište nekretnina. Tokom samo dva promo dana, kada smo zainteresovanim kupcima obezbedili popuste na kuću i kuhinju, prodate su čak 23 modularne kuće, što je rekord u prodaji u ovako kratkom periodu.

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Velika praznična akcija popusta na modularnu kuću

Dok su svi slavili “Crni petak” i davali popuste, mi smo kao srpska firma odlučili da slavimo samo srpske praznike i da vam tim povodom omogućimo popuste na naše proizvode.

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