7 razloga zašto treba da kupite modularnu kuću

Modular houses are trendy worldwide, and Serbia is not lagging behind the world in this construction field. An increasing number of people are interested in their purchases. If you belong to that group that is considering investing in this house, we highlight seven primary reasons why it is a wise investment.

1. Affordable price

Real estate investing is always intelligent, whether buying a house for living or selling. Prices have risen drastically in the last few years, so a square meter in a new building costs up to 8,000 euros in the central municipalities of Belgrade. The war in Ukraine also affected materials prices, accelerating the rapid growth of square footage prices. Although the costs of building materials are rising, you should not despair and give up on the desired property. Unlike a classic brick house, the expenditure of modular objects is more affordable, and it functions like a turnkey system, depending on the level and quality of the equipment.

2. Fast period of building

Despite the material prices, an additional advantage of modular houses is that their construction cannot be disrupted by a lack of workers or weather conditions. Therefore it takes less time to build them compared to a classic brick house, whose construction is much slower. Traditional construction often implies extended deadlines, unexpected costs, and uncertainty in all phases of planning and construction of the object until the final realization of the desired goal. In contrast, for the construction of a modular house, the entire process, from idea and realization to moving in, takes only two weeks.

3. An additional advantage is their mobility.

In addition to the cost, quickness, and ease of building a modular home compared to a conventional one, an added advantage is that you can place them anywhere you want. What is interesting is that at any time, regardless of weather conditions or seasons, you can move the modular house to the desired location within a couple of days.

4. Energy efficient house

We built prefab houses from the highest quality materials, which is why they are long-lasting and energy efficient. The models are built following CE and ISO, the world's highest construction standards. Due to this convenience, the modular objects are suitable for setting up in national parks and nature reserves.

5. Completely secure and high quality

If you thought that modular houses were not safe, you are wrong. This thesis confirms the earthquake resistance test conducted by the German buyers. The safety assessment shows that the building exceeds 9 Richter, which affirms that this house is impossible to demolish.

6. It is possible to expand them later

Do you want a bigger bedroom, or would you still like to expand the living room? You can change your modular house at any time because there is a possibility of subsequent expansion of the already built space without the risk of damage or disruption of the existing design.

7. Custom interior and exterior

If you're unsure how your house looks or don't know how to furnish it without spoiling its attractiveness and comfort, it's up to you to imagine, and our team of experts will realize your ideas according to your needs and wishes. Forget about the detailed material selection process because we are here to help you choose. If you ever want to change the look of your house, we are here to renovate it and change the complete design within just a few days.

Modular houses are a new, innovative, and practical solution for everyone who wants to buy a quality, safe, energy-efficient, mobile property at a reasonable price per square meter. We believe you are now more confident that buying a modular home is an excellent idea. For more information about the purchase and the entire process you can write us.