We are here to build a high-quality, modern, and at the same time cost-effective facility that will fulfill your needs and the requirements of your clients.

Fulfilling the wishes of our customers, we built a modular raft for enjoying on Lake Perucac and a cafe on mountain Zlatibor whose interior and exterior completely fit into the natural environment and colors. We have also constructed modular objects for the Novak Djokovic Tennis Center and the Museums of Serbia, numerous kindergartens, nursing homes, mobile hospitals, and restaurants. If you wish for a modular home, we can build it according to your wishes.

Choose a modular object according to your desires and necessities.

We are building our modular objects with the highest quality materials. They are modern, long-lasting, energy-efficient, and most importantly, highly safe. Earthquakes, landslides, and other natural disasters cannot collapse a modular construction or cause significant material damage. If the building is flooded, it can be returned to its original state in a brief period, after which the buyer gets a new building. The repair itself does not require high additional costs.

On all our facilities, customers receive a multi-year warranty on materials and construction work. They choose the level of equipment according to their style and needs.