Da li je pametno uložiti u kupovinu vikendice?

The coronavirus has affected our habits to slow down, to devote ourselves and our loved ones. That's why many have found their peace in nature, in a rented or purchased cottage where they can create new memories.

The most expensive cottage was bought on Kopaonik for 600,000 euros

In the Republican Geodetic Institute annual report, more than 200 cottages were sold last year. Prices ranged from 1,200 euros to 600,000 euros, for which the most expensive cottage on Kopaonik was sold. The most cottages (144) were sold in Inđija, from 2,500 euros to 62,000 euros, while in Novi Sad were sold 69-holiday homes and the most expensive for 120,000 euros.

The cottages are more popular, as shown by the demand growth. Economic experts estimate their prices will increase, especially in the summer.

80% more affordable square footage of a modular house instead of a classic cottage

On the other hand, a 'turnkey system' (where you get a finished house within two weeks) is even 80 percent more affordable than classic cottages. The price depends on the level and quality of the equipment, but investing in a modular house is more profitable. An additional advantage is a deadline for completing the works, as it only takes 15 days for the object to be completed and ready for moving in, while constructing a classic cottage takes several months or even years. Plans and implementation, in this case, cannot be affected by weather conditions, lack of workers, or some other unplanned circumstances, which is an additional assurance that the buyer will have the key to their home exactly when it's arranged.

Life in nature in an energy-efficient house

We build modular houses from the highest quality materials. They are long-lasting and energy efficient. That is why they are suitable for installation in national parks, nature reserves, and similar places surrounded by nature. It is only up to you to imagine the appearance of your house and say whether you want us to place it in an area with a view of the river, perhaps in a place surrounded by nature and completely isolated from noise, or on a vantage point to enjoy the view.

The mobility of the cottage is an extra benefit

What sets modular houses apart from classic prefabricated houses is their mobility, i.e., the ability to move them whenever and wherever you want, without fear that that will impair their functionality or damage anything.

If you want to spend your vacation in nature with your family or friends, but you can't find the ideal place to provide peace, don't worry because we can set up your modular house wherever you want within just a few days.

Is it profitable to invest in real estate?

In the last few years, real estate prices have increased drastically (in some municipalities by as much as 50%), which had the effect that the return on invested funds was several times higher. The market demand for apartments, houses, classic cottages and modular houses is increasing. Unlike a traditionally built home, investing in a modular object is much more profitable due to the lower price per square meter. Only renting it can bring income or, at the very least, return the invested funds.

If you like to spend time in nature, our advice is to think long-term and to save by buying your modular house instead of renting it, where you will build new memories or rent it out and make money from it.