Selo ili grad - šta bira omladina?

The warm summer months, the lack of air-conditioned public transport, daily traffic jams, and the greater possibility of working from home has influenced young people to move their daily duties from the city to the countryside.

The coronavirus has influenced many companies to shift their management to work from home, so many, for the first time, had the opportunity to start the week in their yard, summer house, far from city noise and cramped offices. Having seen the beauty offered by Serbia, countless green areas, peace, and clean air, many have decided to move their business to the countryside and to limit coming to the city to the necessary exceptions.

Advantages and disadvantages of living in the countryside

Many who decided to live in the countryside did it primarily because of the lower cost of living. Unlike in Belgrade, where the average citizen needs a minimum of 500 euros for basic, in the countryside, they can buy food (starting with fruits and vegetables) at more favorable prices. Especially if it's purchased from a local household that raises animals and produces food, the nutrition will be much healthier.

Slower life, lack of stress, clean air, and a peaceful environment are the advantages of living in the countryside. However, there are also certain disadvantages, because young people still do not dare to move their habits from the city.

The lack of a market, poor connection with the city, and problems with the Internet are disadvantages that certainly affect the decision to change the place of residence.

Advantages and disadvantages of living in the city

The city offers many more opportunities for young people in the business world and families due to the rich content for children. Internet availability is another significant advantage, especially for those who can work online.

Although the city is still beautiful for the younger generation, due to its good content and opportunities, a growing problem arises regarding the demand for a place to live. Rental prices are rising, so you can't find a new and clean apartment on the outskirts of the city for less than 250 euros in Belgrade. In the central city municipalities, rents start from 400 euros and more for two-bedroom apartments. A family will have to allocate more money for rent if they want to live in New Belgrade, where most companies are stationed, or in the central city municipalities, with prosperous facilities for children.

Considering that the economic crisis is not abating and that financial experts forecast that the prices of square meters in Serbia will not fall, it is an ideal time to buy a modular house.

Countryside or city life is more accessible, healthier, and more affordable with the modular house

Unlike a traditional brick house, where the prices per square meter range from 1,000 euros and more, the Arhimod modular house is much more favorable.

For those who want to live in a healthy space and save energy and money, Arhimod modular houses are energy efficient, which means they do not harm the environment. Because of their energy efficiency, they are suitable for setting up in national parks or nature reserves.

Whether you want to live in the city or the countryside, the Arhimod modular building can adapt to your needs and desires.

If you decide to live in the city, your modular home will provide you with a spacious, bright, and healthy environment that will save you money. On the other hand, if you decide to live in the countryside, your house will be part of the nature surrounding it due to its energy efficiency. It will also provide you with maximum safety due to the quality of the materials.

Whatever you decide, you can move into your new home in two weeks. When you want to change your residence and move to new areas, Arhimod modular objects are mobile so that they can be moved without damage.