Da li su modularne kuće bezbedne?

“Brick houses are safe houses” is a typical sentence in Serbia. The reason for this opinion is the habit of many people to solid, traditional construction, which implies that they will inherit the house through generations. Stone, brick, and concrete associations are that a house built this way will provide maximum security. On the other hand, the thought of living in a prefabricated or modular house does not offer such a feeling because they seem fragile. However, is it so?

Modular houses resist earthquakes and fire.

Disparity to Serbia, where this type of construction has recently become increasingly popular, in North America and Western Europe, the majority still decide to buy a prefabricated or modular house precisely because of their safety.

Compared to classic brick houses, modular houses are safer because wood is an elastic material, while concrete is fixed. During an earthquake, masonry houses can completely crack, walls collapse, and even the reinforcement breaks. On the other hand, modular homes can only have minor cracks in the walls, and we can repair them quickly and easily.

Earthquake resistance test conducted by German customers proves that modular homes are safe because they can exceed 9 Richter. This house is impossible to collapse, while classical construction would collapse in a weaker earthquake.

In the possibility of a fire, modular houses are less likely to catch fire because of the gypsum boards lined inside, unlike brick construction, where the risk is much higher.

It only takes four days for a modular house to return to its original state after a flood

In addition to earthquakes and landslides, other natural disasters cannot collapse and cause significant material damage to the modular object. If the building floods, within four days, the 40 to 70 m2 house is returned to its original state with all necessary materials replaced. An additional benefit of Arhimod modular buildings is that we provide the buyers with a multi-year warranty on materials and construction work.

The cost of repairing a modular house is less than repairing a brick house

In contrast to classic construction, where renovation costs are often high, with modular houses, renovation is much more affordable because there can be no significant disruptions or cracks. It only takes a few days to repair the damages and resume everyday life as before the natural disasters.

Additional advantages - they are environmentally sustainable.

The advantage of a modular house compared to a brick house is their environmental sustainability and excellent energy efficiency, i.e., easy and efficient heating and cooling of the house, as well as the speed of construction.

Good wall and roof insulation guarantees energy savings

Arhimod - modular objects save energy due to good insulation. We build walls from a facade panel of hard-pressed stone wool of 10 cm and stone wool of 10 cm, then a vapor-permeable waterproof foil is placed, after which the customer chooses the interior according to his taste.

25 cm of stone wool is added to the roof and ends with a welded top that bears a load of 450 kg per m2, contributing to the durability and excellent safety of the modular building.

If you also want to buy a house in which you will feel completely safe and which, due to its construction method, will provide you with comfort, then you can consider buying our modular buildings.