Klasična zidana kuća ili modularni objekat - šta je bolji izbor?

If you were planning to buy your house, you must have researched and asked yourself what the more profitable and better solution is - a brick house or modular home. Opinions are still divided between fans of traditional construction which still find it challenging to decide on novelties in construction. At the same time, new generations, on the other hand, gladly accept innovative, fast, affordable, and high-quality solutions in the building market. If we compare these two types of construction, we can see significant differences that will help you decide.

Big difference in price per square meter

We have all witnessed that the prices of square meters are getting more expensive in Serbia, and one reason for this is the Russian-Ukrainian crisis. These two countries are large energy exporters, and the destabilization of that market could have a domino effect on the entire economy. The consequences of this situation were also felt in the construction, as construction materials prices began to rise. For constructing a classic brick house, it is necessary to allocate much more money than in the previous year, so the price per square meter has increased by 50 percent. A square meter in a new building ranges from a minimum of 1,000 euros in suburban areas to as much as 8,000 euros in central Belgrade municipalities. Unlike classic brick construction, where prices have risen drastically, the materials for building a modular house have become more expensive, but by a smaller percentage, which is why this type of construction is more favorable, and quality is the same in both construction types.

A faster type of construction

Traditional construction involves extended deadlines, so it takes several years to build a brick house. Additional unplanned costs of materials and workers can affect the deadline for completion of works and extend it further. On the other hand, modular buildings are an innovative and different type of construction precisely because they follow the rhythm of today's modern world. It only takes two weeks from idea and planning to realization and moving in.

Without unexpected possibilities and costs

Most new construction buyers go through the unpleasant situation of postponement of deadlines for the completion of works, which leads to unnecessary frustrations. The reason for moving the deadlines can be weather problems, lack of workers or materials, and other unforeseen circumstances. Unlike classic brick construction, where there is uncertainty in all stages of planning and construction, modular houses provide their customers with the certainty that they will receive the key to their new home at the agreed time. We produce modular objects in a factory, so construction cannot be affected by natural disasters, hardships, and other external unforeseen events.

A modular house is built very quickly in production and we place it at the assembly site at 80 percent finished, so there is no fear for the buyer that his house won't be finished. If the worst-case scenario, the modular building can be 95 percent complete after two days of assembly in the field. This is precisely why modular construction gives buyers great assurance that the house will be completed in compliance with deadlines and invested funds. This is not the case in other types of construction, which is confirmed by many news about deceived buyers.

Modular construction safer than classic

It is true that a brick house can last for centuries and that several generations can live in the same house with additional equipment and renovations. Like classic construction, Archimod - modular buildings are unique in Serbia because they are built from the highest quality materials, which is why they are long-lasting, modern, energy-efficient, and, most importantly, highly safe.

Modular construction is safer than classic, which proves earthquake resistance test, that shows the modular building exceeds 9 Richter, while classic structure would collapse during a weaker earthquake. This confirms the high safety of modular, innovative construction methods. In addition to earthquakes, landslides, and other natural disasters, they cannot collapse and cause significant material damage to the building. If the building floods within four days, the house of 40 to 70 m2 is returned to its original state with all necessary materials replaced. An additional advantage is that with an Arhimod - modular object, buyers get a multi-year warranty on materials and construction works.

Lower costs of renovation and additional decoration

Unlike classic construction, modular construction is 100 percent dry, i.e., no moisture, mold, unpleasant odors, or condensation. This is precisely why this way of building requires minimal maintenance on an annual basis, unlike classic construction, which requires constant maintenance.

You can move modular buildings. A brick house stays where it is built

Adventurers and those who like to change their place of residence will have the opportunity to take their house with them. Modular homes are mobile and can be moved easily and quickly to another desired location, unlike traditional masonry construction, which is static and whose foundations cannot be changed.

When comparing the differences between a traditional brick house and a modular building, you can see that modular buildings have an advantage due to the favorable price, shorter construction period, guaranteed quality, and safety. Arhimod - modular objects can be ideal if you want to buy a house.